• Blepharoptosis - Lazy Eyes

Lazy eyes - upper eyelid ptosis has different causes. Most patients belong to congenitalin origin. Some patients might found to have gradually drooping upper eyelid in one side or both eyes. These later revealed ptosis could be from some kind of physical disordor, usually from a disease called myasthenia gravis But mostly is originated from detouchment of Levetor muscle from tarsal plate.

The sign of ptosis might happen abruptly within days or gadually worsened and hardly to notice. One might only feels very hard to open his/her eyes and very tired especially in the evening. If ptosis happen on both eyelids and when they drooping to an extend, patient may show up the characteristic "Garfield cat" appearance.

The treatment for this later onset problem is much easier than to treat the congenital one. The result can also be expected. ( to see the preoperative appearance and the postoperative result, please refer to this webpage of photo gallary/ eyelid surgery/ senile ptosis.

  • Blepharoptosis

Blepharoptosis means one who is not able to open his/her one or both upper eyelid completely. The ptosis found in a child is always congenital, either myogenic or neurogenic in origin.

The later onset ptosis has many reasons and it must take some diffrential diagnosis to clarify whether the problems are operatable or can only be treated medically.

Ptosis caused by neurogenic transmission problem, namely Myathenia Gravis, can only treated with medication and no surgery is indicated initially. It may need surgical intervention after the disease is well conctroled and still has some degree of ptosis left.

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